Handmade jewellery – Pinterest wins!

I decided to dabble in making some beaded necklaces and bracelets. I saw wonderful instructions on Pinterest from various websites and just fell in love. Though I didn’t have exact same beads on hand, I decided to try some combinations and they worked!


The above above bracelet was for my daughter. I didn’t have elongated beads but had some seed beads. I also didn’t have pink beads so just added some brown ones! But overall, my daughter was quite pleased and treasures it.


Same beading pattern but I substituted white pearls with black beads! Also I finished it with clasp instead of ribbons


As the picture shows, original pattern was for bracelet and earrings but I used same pattern for a necklace with small modifications.


This is more like a statement necklace and I used black seed beads instead of blue ones in the original pattern. Also I added some chains of seed beads to give it length.

Basically I did these modifications to original beading patterns as I was either short of beads or didn’t have exact beads to begin with. But I am quite pleased with end results and am now often browsing Pinterest and pinning more beadwork to make.


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