DIY Jewellery Hanger

Up until now, all my costume jewellery were all jumbled and stored in jewel boxes. One too many necklaces have lost their color, many have been jumbled into knots that I have spent hours trying to untangle with no avail.

So I decided I needed to hang my jewellery as opposed to putting them in boxes…so this is what I made.


This is basically one of the two drawers or my jewellery box. I screwed in eye bolts along the sides and bottom of the drawer. I also screwed in couple along the inside of one of the panels.

For displaying my studs, I cut some fleece and rolled them up  and glued into the small sections. That was it. For hanging it, I went with some string that I tied around the handles and hung over a command strip hook! So simple yet so satisfying. This project took me only two hours to finish. Now I can store my jewellery without worrying it would get ruined…

Here are some more pictures of the finished product



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