DIY Felt purse and iPad pouch

I had some leftover felt from some previous projects and wanted to make some things useful out of them. I saw few Pinterest posts of iPad felt pouchs and felt inspired to make one of my own. I had to change few things here and there but it worked out fine. I used Velcro as fasteners for now but pan to replace them with buttons or such. I am also thinking of doing some kind of embroidery on them.

For iPad pouch, I tried to follow this pinterest post but ended up sewing the front pocket the wrong way! So I changed it around and stitched the additional pockets on the flap…

For the purse, I used this post ( as inspiration but changed the inside pockets to suit my needs.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with these. I know my cuts or lines may not be straight but this is my first time making something like this and I am not an expert in sewing…


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