Crossstitching – inspirational quotes

Here’s something else I decided to try out…crossstitching! I was browsing Pinterest (as usual) and saw adorable crossstiched wall hangings that had nice quotes on them. I knew I needed to make some for my kids rooms. So I made one for my son and one for my daughter. They liked it so much they asked me to make additional ones…

For Star Wars one, I used the image from this post ( and just did it exactly.


For the mountain quote, I used pink Aida cloth and used few Pinterest posts for inspiration but just played around with it. The embroidery isn’t on point but I couldn’t do much as it was 10 count Aida cloth and wasn’t letting me embroidery properly. I could have put more flowers and such but I had ended up cutting less fabric and am short on framing. I am yet to frame these but googled and found few ways to overcome short fabric…I am debating if I should frame them on embroidery hoops or frames or make a frame of my own like this (…will share final results once done!



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