Crocheting Pokeball wall organiser/hanger


This is my next diy…for my children’s bedroom…namely for my son. He loves Pokémon and so I thought this was appropriate. I saw several Pokémon related rugs and hats on Pinterest and came up with this design on my own. It is basically a combination of things I saw on Pinterest!

I made the pokeball pockets and main piece separately and then joined them together to make it all come into one piece. My son loves it. We are yet to hang it properly but I couldn’t wait to share it here!

This is my first time writing a design for a crochet piece so please bear with me. For the individual pockets, I did 10 rows of single crochet (sc) of white yarn, 3 rows of sc of black yarn and 5 rows of red yarn. You can adjust the initial length of chain stitches to fit the length you need. For the little black and white centre, I did a chain of 4 stitches, then ch 2 and 12 double crochets (dc) as next row and ended it with it third row of dc in black yarn. Make three such pairs of pockets and its centres. I used hook size of 4.25mm for this.

For the main piece, I crocheted with two stands together. This was to make the piece sturdier. I also used L size or 8 mm size hook. Start with white yarn and chain as many stitches as you desire your piece to be. For next row, it is sc all the way…sc 8 rows in white yarn, 1 row in black and 5 rows in red yarn. Do like this two more times.

Once all pieces are done, wet block your pieces before sewing them together. For sewing together, place your pieces first to ensure they are placed properly and using a yarn needle, just sew the pockets one by one to the main piece by hand. Make sure to fit in the little centres first. Weave in your strands and you are done. For the hanging part, I crocheted two chains of 11 stitches at the top.

I am in the process of crocheting more pieces for my kids and their room…can’t wait to be done to share it!


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