Crocheting a slouchy beanie hat

As I am recovering from my kidney transplant surgery for next three months (two now but who’s counting!) in isolation, I needed to do something to keep me engaged or else I would go crazy…So I decided to resume one of my old passions…crocheting.

I looked up Pinterest for inspiration and came across this gem…a trendy slouchy hat that would be perfect for my daughter.

It it is very simple and took me a day and half to finish at leisurely pace…I didn’t have any green so I stuck with the colours I had on hand…I pretty much stayed on point with the instructions except adjusting the number of rows so that it wasn’t too big for my daughter. I had to regularly try it on her to ensure I was on track. As for the hat edge, after first two rows I began to drastically drop stitches so that it wasn’t too big for my daughter (like 10 or more in each row until I was satisfied). I left out the flower bit intentionally too. I think in order for any DIY project to look good, you need to pick the right colours.

Overall, my daughter was very pleased with her hat and now I need to make some more for her cousins with matching scarves! Now that I have all the time in the world, I have few more DIY projects that I will be sharing with you guys!



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