My Novelty Cakes

I love baking cakes and coming up with novelty cakes that my kids would love. These are some of the cakes I have made over last year or so. Hit me if you want to know how to make them 🙂

Harry Potter Spell Book Birthday Cake!

I made this as a surprise birthday cake for my 9 year old son. He was into Harry Potter books and I thought it was fitting to go with that as a theme

BB8 Cake


This, I made for my son’s birthday party. Just cause, Star Wars movie was coming out in Dec 2015 🙂

SpongeBob Birthday Cake


Which boy (or girl) doesn’t like SpongeBob! I know, I don’t 🙂

Team Umizoomi Birthday Cake

Team Umizoomi Mily

A special (and easy) Miley cake for a sweet 3 year old girl

Butterfly Cake


We ushered in new year with this very simple Butterfly cake!


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