Indian Cuisine – Aloo Parathas


As you may have heard in the news, last week was some of the coldest days in Indianapolis. We hit temperatures as low as -15 degree F and it was snowing like crazy. So obviously we were snowed in and my son’s winter break just kept on going! It wasn’t all that bad because we got to do some cool experiments in the cold like squirting hot water and see it turn to snow, freezing bubbles etc.

It also gave me some time to make some yummy food during those days. One of the dishes I made was Aloo Parathas. These are like stuffed chappatis, the stuffing being potatoes. It doesn’t take much to make them but you need to have some time to make them!


3 cups of whole wheat flour

1 1/2 cups of boiling water

Salt to taste (approx 1 tsp)

For Stuffing

6 potatoes boiled and peeled

Salt to taste

1 tsp of garlic powder


1. Put the wheat flour in a large bowl along with salt. Gradually add the hot water little by little and knead the flour till it comes together as a firm dough. Knead it for 5 -10 minutes and set aside for another 20 minutes.


2. Mix the cubed boiled potatoes with salt and garlic powder and mash them well till there are no little pieces of potatoes. If you do not have garlic powder, you can add finely minced garlic cloves. You can add minced cilantro leaves as well if you like.


3. Time to make the chappatis – Take a lemon sized ball of dough and roll it out into a round. Lightly sprinkle flour on the rolling board and pin as you roll the dough, to avoid it sticking to the board. Take another lemon sized ball of the mashed potato and put it in the center.


4. Wrap the dough around the stuffing and turn it over so that the seams are down.


5. Sprinkle more flour and roll out the ball again to a round. It is okay if there are pieces of stuffing peeking out.


6. Heat a pan over fire and make the chappatis. Heat one side first till it is brown and cooked. Lightly brush some oil or butter on the top side before turning it over. Brush the other side while the top side is now cooking. Transfer to a plate once both sides are done cooking. Aloo Parathas are ready to enjoy.


7. Tip: It may be difficult to roll out the chappatis and cook at the same time. What I do is when I out the first chappati on the pan, I put it on medium till I finish rolling out the second chappati. When I am done rolling out the second one, I leave it on the board and turn the heat to medium high (the bottom would have cooked by now!) and brush some oil on top side of the chappati that is on the pan, turn it over and finish cooking it. I then turn the heat back to medium and put the second chappati on the pan and repeat the process!



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