Holiday Cooking – Homemade Cake Pops


I love the cake pops you get at Starbucks. I had always thought making cake pops is difficult but recently when I was going to bake a cake, my son insisted I make him some cake pops! I figured now is better as anytime to try making cake pops.



Any cake mix (and ingredients needed to make that cake per box instructions)

2-3 tbsps of frosting

Melted chocolate

Sprinkles of choice



1. Bake the cake per its box’s instructions. Once the cake is transferred and cooled completely, put it in a large bowl and crumble the cake. This is the part where you can get your children involved. If making cake crumbs with hands takes too long, you can always pulse the cake pieces in your food processor. You can looking for grainy cake crumbs.

2. Add frosting to the cake crumbs and mix thoroughly with your hands so that every crumb is coated with frosting. It is this frosting that will hold together the cake pops. Do not add too much frosting, just enough to make the cake into a dough and all crumbs are held together.

3. Roll small cake balls and line them on a cookie sheet. The number of cake pops depends on the size of the balls you roll.

4. Freeze the cake balls in freezer for about 20-25 minutes before the next step. It is very important to freeze them.

5. Meanwhile, melt your chocolate. Once the cake pops are frozen for some time, take them out. Dip your cake pop sticks in melted chocolate and insert them into the cake balls one at a time. I had some cake pop sticks around. If you don’t have them, you can also use lollipop sticks.

6. Put the cake balls back in the freezer for another 20 minutes

7. Transfer the melted chocolate to a tall glass and keep your sprinkles ready. Also get a stand to hold the cake pops, you can use either a Styrofoam block or a cake pop stand. Now when I made these, I didn’t have either. So I decided to keep my cake pops upside down itself!

8. Insert each cake pop into the tall glass of melted chocolate so that the ball is coated all over with chocolate. Gently swirl the ball once before taking it out of the glass. Roll or sprinkle sprinkles over the cake pop before moving it to the stand or putting it back upside down with stick up. Do the same with remaining cake pops and put the cake pops back into the refrigerator to cool and harden. Your cake pops are ready to enjoy!



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