Yummy Cucumber Tea Sandwiches


I subscribe to a delightful magazine called Tea Time. It comes with recipes of delightful, delicious finger foods that goes perfectly with tea time. I plan to have a small tea party with my daughter when she is little bit older to understand it! In a recent edition, I saw a recipe for a simple and clean yet delicious cucumber sandwich which I had to try.

It is refreshing and light sandwich perfect with a cup of tea or chai as we call it. The kids liked it a lot too. It is quite easy to put together and most of the items are already there in everybody’s pantry.



Cream cheese at room temperature (as required)

Pickle diced

Salt to taste

Slices of bread

Cucumbers sliced thin



1. Whisk the cream cheese with diced pickles and salt. Use as much cream cheese as desired. Take stock of the amount of sandwiches you are going to make and eyeball the amount of cream cheese. The recipe in the magazine called for dill to be mixed with the cream cheese. But I didn’t have any dill in my pantry. So I decided to use some diced pickles for a tang.

2. You can cut the cucumbers thin with a knife or use a mandolin to cut thin slices. Dry the slices on a paper towel while you assemble the sandwiches.

3. Cut the crusts off the bread. I used rye bread here. Cut the bread slices so that they are uniformly rectangle in shape.

4. Spread cream cheese mixture on one side of two slices. Lay out the cucumber slices on one slice in such a way that the cucumber pieces are hanging little bit outside. Place the second slice on it with cream cheese side facing inward. Assemble remaining sandwiches and enjoy!



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