How to Host a SpongeBob Themed Birthday Pary


Last week, I hosted a SpongeBob themed birthday party for my 7-year-old son. He turned 7 on Nov 27th. But that being a Thanksgiving Weekend, I decided to have the party the week after to ensure all his friends could make it. It was a small party with only 6 of his closest friends and we had it at our apartment. It turned out to be a great party and kids had good fun and made great crafts and took them home as party favors. I had searched high and low on the internet and Pinterest on ideas and inspirations to host the SpongeBob themed party. Though I didn’t find many, I did find some good inspirations.

SpongeBob cake – I made a cute little SpongeBob cake for the party. It is a regular chocolate cake made from the box and decorated with marshmallow fondant. I couldn’t find any videos on how to decorate a SpongeBob cake though there were tons of such cakes. So I used a picture of SpongeBob as guide and made one my own. I made marshmallow fondant by melting marshmallows in microwave. To that I added 1 cup of powdered sugar. Using a rubber spatula, I mixed the sugar in. Remember, the marshmallow mix will be very sticky and there is no way out of it without getting messy. Pour out the mix onto your counter dusted with more powdered sugar and start kneading it. Keep adding more sugar as you knead. Try to sprinkle sugar on your hands so that it doesn’t get that sticky. Slowly but surely the marshmallow mix would start to turn into a dough, just keep at it. The fondant should not be too sticky but still should be stretchable. Remember that the fondant should not be too stretchy. If it is, just keep adding sugar and keep kneading. Once it is kneaded into a dough, cut two large chunks and four small balls. Add yellow and brown food colors to the two large chunks. Add few drops and knead the fondant so that it colors evenly. Stain three small balls as red, blue and black. Leave the fourth ball as white color itself.

Once you have all the fondant colored, time to assemble the cake. I frosted the cake with chocolate icing first. Then I rolled out the yellow fondant and laid it over the cake. Trim the excess and take a couple of measuring spoons and create depressions of different size all over the cake. Next I rolled out the white dough to form the shirt. I laid it over the bottom half of the cake over the yellow. Then roll out the brown for the pants and lay it over the white fondant. Again trim the excess. I fashioned two hands and legs using the yellow, white and brown scraps and attached them to the cake. Lastly, make the eyes and tie using the white, blue and red fondant. I finished the cake by icing melted chocolate for the mouth and eyelashes. Lastly attach two white teeth and the cake is done!

IMG_4201 IMG_4199

SpongeBob Themed Games – We played ‘Pin the Pants on SpongeBob’ and ‘Feed SpongeBob’. It is quite easy to make these. For ‘Pin the Pants’ I drew a large SpongeBob on a paper and made the pants using a cardboard. For ‘Feed SpongeBob’ I painted a laughing SpongeBob on a large cardboard and cut out his mouth. We used regular balls to throw into his mouth. For all kids losing or winning the games, we gave out candy. So all were happy!

IMG_4205 IMG_4209

SpongeBob Themed party Favors – I made some holiday cookies as party favors. Also we decided to let the kids make actual SpongeBob using yellow sponges and paper. I refered to this YouTube link to make it. I pre-made the hands, legs and other parts so that kids just needed to assemble them during the party. The kids really enjoyed making them. Other party favor was to make a picture frame using foam papers. I got some SpongeBob stickers and ocean based foam stickers to go along with it. We have a photo printer that prints photos in cute little papers. So I cut out the holes on the foam papers before the party and glued matching foam paper behind it thus forming a picture frame. We snapped a cute little picture of all kids together and printed them out. All that kids needed to do was to decorate their picture frames the way they liked it. Before they left the party, we put in the pictures in the frames as a surprise!

IMG_4203 IMG_4204

IMG_4217   IMG_4214

Kids and we had lots of fun throwing the SpongeBob themed party. If you are interested to do so, glad I could help with some pointers!



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