Staycation – Best way to spend Summer 2013

Super Parachuting food in the jar! Hula hooping Falling from twister Playing Jenga

Summer is finally here! It is finally starting to get warm around here (some days are better than days when it drizzled or is windy!) School’s out and kids are hanging around the house watching TV all around the clock! Me being a working mom, it is quite difficult to work when you have kids running around, calling for you every few minutes, sighing and pouting with nothing to do…There are days I wish summer break wasn’t this long!

One of the challenges is to keep the kids occupied and not to turn them into idiots from watching the idiot box everyday. More and more parents are trying to be wise with their finances resulting in a new trend ‘staycation’. It means folks are finding more and more ways to save money and have vacations closer to home…This inspires me to post about the fun activities we are doing as a family in and around Carmel, Indianapolis as part of our staycation 2013!

This weekend was fun. Friday night we went camping! That’s right camping…Not in our backyard (cause we don’t have one and we stay in apartment, duh!) but at a beautiful park close by. T’was fun right from start. The family campout at River Road Park was organized by Monon center and included 200 people. The event started at 5 PM Eastern on Friday night. It was perfect timing…I was able to wrap up my office work and get all the stuff packed for me, hubby and kids and set off from home by 5 30 PM ET. By the time we reached we could see many tents already up and kids and parents playing and walking around! I was a bit apprehensive to be honest cause I haven’t really camped out before. But seeing other families setting up the tents, I was feeling more at ease…I mean there are lot of folks around nobody is going to look at you if you make a mistake! Plus the volunteers were real friendly and helpful with tips. We were able to pick a good spot and hubby was able to get the tent setup fairly quickly (we practised at home before!) and we set out to enjoy all the games planned for the kids/parents by the event organisers. There was two types of scavenger hunts, tie dye event, lantern making, games for various ages groups…They served hot dogs and fruits for dinner. We topped it off with s’mores made over the fire! It was a fun event. There were several board games for families and a late night movie. I had made some inexpensive ‘foods in jars’ to chow on during the movie…There was only one restroom in the whole park and there was a line sometimes but it wasn’t too much of a trouble.

After movie, all returned to their tents. Kids were nervous to sleep in the tent. I tried to calm them down (it was easier to talk to 6 yr old than to the 2 yr old) and managed to get them to sleep in the tent. It was getting bit nippy but unfortunately my 2 yr old started to freak out around midnight! I think she was having nightmares in the tent!! She started to cry out for her dad and boy did she cry out loud…We feared other folks are going to come out of their tents! We decided she is not going to sleep in the tent that night nor let us or her brother sleep…We thought the best option is to go home and put her to bed…the traditional bed!

So we zipped the tent up with our stuff in it and picked up the kids and drive back home at 1 in the night! Was that a wise decision!!! My 2 yr old slept like a baby just as we laid her down on the bed and we were able to sleep as well. Hubby then woke up at 7 the next day and drove back to the campsite to finish out the rest of the events. They had taken a picture of us with our tent, he picked that up and stayed for breakfast! After breakfast, all families started to take their tents down and head back home. It was a fun experience that didn’t cost much at all (it was $10 per person to register; 4 people in our family comes to mere $40 for a decent camping experience!!!)

Above (at the begining of the post) are some pics from our camping experience ( I am sorry for the quality, it was taken with iPod and didn’t turn out that clear)…We are on look for more such inexpensive staycation options around our place…Do look out for more posts from me on the fun events we are planning for this summer for our family. Till then, keep reading and keep enjoying your summer!!!


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